Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott Preps for New Challenges Ahead of Fifth Season as Cowboys Starting Quarterback

The Dallas Cowboys' first game of the season is Sept. 13 in Los Angeles against the Rams

As Dak Prescott prepares to begin his fifth season as the Cowboys starting quarterback, things feel a lot different than in years one through four.

With no preseason games, COVID-19 protocols, and a new head coach, Prescott said he’s taking it all in stride.

“To sit there and say it’s been tougher on me than on others would be a shame,“ Prescott said. “ It’s just a challenge I’ve accepted and I’ve taken on. As I have said, I am comfortable right where I am and I feel like I am where I need to be.”

Prescott and the Cowboys are also still discussing how they will handle potential personal expressions and protests about social injustice during the 2020 season, and spoke about the change he hopes to see.

“Ask communities, as people we need to come together, help one another, and support one another in love. I think that is what those team meetings are about. How do we do that?” Prescott said. “It’s about how do we help one another, how do we help each other feel safe, how do we help our community, and obviously be transparent enough to help this country in the sensitive time that we’re in.”

Hoping to see the change while also preparing for a crucial contract season set to kick off next Sunday against the Rams.

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