Cowboys Muzzle The Media

The Cowboys public relations director came to the media today with a request:  Do not report on unique formations or plays from now on.  Don't blog about it.  Don't write about and do not videotape it.

Take for instance the Cowboys version of the Wildcat offense where Felix Jones or Patrick Crayton.  One of them could line up at quarterback and take a direct snap.  The team wants the media to ignore it.  The Cowboys want it to remain a secret.

Problem: The Cowboys have had thousands of fans at every training camp practice.  These same fans use a camera phone or get on the Internet and report what they have seen.

Or ... one of the fans who attended practice and saw a unique formation can call me on my radio show at 105.3 The Fan and tell me what they saw on the air and ask me what I think.

There are no secrets in football.  Teams will know what you are going to do, or figure it out pretty quick.  At least the good ones do.

Wade Phillips spoke to the media after practice and admitted his paranoia, "All coaches are paranoid. You don't like too much information to get out there."

The Cowboys head coach tried his usual brand of dry humor saying, "We're putting in the Triple Lindy on offense." 

There's a sense of deja vu here: former Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells wouldn't let us shoot any practice footage at training camp his first two years with the club.  Parcells wouldn't even let his assistant coaches speak to the media. 

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