Cowboys Leaving No Stone Unturned

Anyone who thinks the Cowboys are just going to roll over and play speed bump on the way to an unbeaten season has another thing coming to them. They're doing everything in their power to get an edge for Saturday night, up to and including going all Jack Bauer on former Saints to find out what they know about Sean Payton's nefarious schemes.

The Cowboys had cornerback Chris McAlister and running back Herb Donaldson come in for workouts on Thursday. It's pretty likely that in between drills they had people in their ear pumping them for information about New Orleans. If either player was smart, he dangled something juicy, perhaps a taunt that cuts to the core of Drew Brees, and then said the rest of the information would only come with a contract for the rest of the season.

Bringing in players who played for upcoming opponents happens all the time in the NFL, although there's not much evidence it accomplishes all that much when it comes to winning games. Payton's a pretty sharp guy which means that he didn't cut McAlister days after calling him over during practice one day to lay out his entire plan for beating the Cowboys down to the plays he plans to run. If there is anything that either guy knows that could be touchy, the Saints have already changed it and you're left with an aging cornerback or a practice squad running back who can't offer much on or off the field. 

You never know what happens during a long film session, though. Maybe Pierre Thomas let slip to Donaldson that if you hit him in a particular place on his left hip he soils himself and fumbles the ball. Perhaps McAlister knows that Jabari Greer has a phobia about covering skinny posts this close to Christmas. If nothing else, they could give some tips on a good place to grab a po' boy before leaving town.

Every little bit counts and it's good to see the Cowboys looking for a little something extra to help them snap the December funk. If this works, expect to see Art Monk, Dexter Manley and John Riggins on the Valley Ranch field this time next week.  

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