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Cowboys First Practice Features Creative Cooling Methods, COVID-19 Protocols

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It's a very different feeling training camp for the Dallas Cowboys in 2020, and not just because the Cowboys are holding camp at the Star in Frisco for the first time ever after previously having it in Oxnard, California, every year since 2012. This training camp is also different because it's the first under new Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy.

"His message is really when we touch that practice field, we're going to go hard and he's going to take care of our bodies," said Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. "It's all about going hard and being very respectful."

Part of taking care of players' bodies includes finding ways to beat the heat while holding camp in North Texas in August, and the Cowboys are getting creative with cooling tents stationed in the middle of the practice fields, with plenty of options for players to cool off.

"They have popsicles in there, water, Gatorade," said Cowboys offensive lineman Joe Looney. "You're basically just sitting down and the whole premise is to take down your core temperature. I'm a big guy with a bunch of hair, so I'm in there dumping water on my head. I think it's wonderful."

NBC 5 News
Dallas Cowboys training camp at The Star in Frisco, Aug. 14, 2020.

Cowboys players have also made another choice with safety on the mind. Most of the Cowboys players have decided to stay at the Omni hotel connected to the Star in Frisco as a way to limit potential exposure to COVID-19.

"I feel like it was team decision just mainly focused on taking care of each other and bringing this brotherhood closer," Lawrence said.

"The NFLPA and the NFL have done a great job of making sure the number one thing is that the athletes are safe," Looney said. "I think they've put great effort into making sure we have good medical care we need in case something does happen."

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