Cowboys Break Camp, Gaze Skyward

The Dallas Cowboys had reason to be thankful this week as they wrapped up a quiet, productive and generally injury-free training camp. Whether they owed this to an otherworldly power or Stephen Jones, who by all accounts is the reason Dallas bid T.O. and his naked pictures au revois (or both), they took time yesterday to gaze skyward.

As reported in the Dallas Morning News, the team was blessed by Father Eric Ritter of St. Dominic Catholic Church in San Antonio, who has a pretty good record with this sort of thing, after blessing the NBA Champion 2006-2007 San Antonio Spurs.

"I thought it was nice," head coach Wade Phillips said. "Then [Father Ritter] said he had done it for the Spurs when they won the championship, so I said come on out. Every little bit helps."

Sam Hurd, who had an outstanding three and a half weeks in San Antonio, and has been vocal in his Christian faith, echoed the sentiment, with an interesting addendum.

"[The blessing] was very good," Hurd said. "Like I said, like I told a lot of players before, I didn't want to say this ever, but God has a plan, that's what he wants. If we had won it any other year, we probably wouldn't have appreciated it. We probably wouldn't have appreciated Him giving it to us.
"But I think now we will, I think now, we'll value what God has done for us."
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