Chris Cooley Has Some Fun With Romo and Witten

Chris Cooley of the Redskins has been a prolific blogger for some time now, occasionally revealing even more than he might have intended. That's not the case with this video, however. He and backup quarterback Colt Brennan are clearly looking to have a little bit of fun at the expense of Tony Romo and Jason Witten in this mock Fantasy Files video.

While we believe third-string quarterbacks should only be seen in the preseason and when the camera cuts to the offensive coordinator, this is pretty funny stuff. Nothing too harsh, although it is hard to miss the Dallas Sucks written on Brennan's cap. It's kind of refreshing, actually, for its complete avoidance of any of the flashpoints -- Jessica Simpson, dropped snaps -- normally associated with making fun of Romo. They're having fun with the idea that these guys are Cowboys, of faux-Australian descent in Witten's case, and good-natured fun at that.

If you click that first link at the top of the page, you'll see that Cooley's given Romo and Witten some good ammunition to fire back with, so hopefully this is the start of a good-natured battle between players from two teams who should be taking shots at one another. It's a classic rivalry, although one that's dimmed a bit in recent seasons as other matchups have had more bearing on the league. Revving it back up again isn't a bad thing, especially if it leads to great games in the fall.

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