Choice Feeling Better, May Play Saturday

Running back Tashard Choice is reportedly feeling much better today after suffering a concussion in the first quarter of Sunday's 24-0 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Arlington, and may be available for Saturday's playoff game.

Choice was injured when his head collided with the knee of an opposing player; he left, and did not return, posting no attempts on the day. With Choice out, Felix Jones and Marion Barber went for 91 yards each, Jones scoring a 49-yard touchdown in the third quarter.

The situation conjured images of Martellus Bennett for some, who missed two games after suffering a concussion against New York. The second game missed by Bennett was much the result of the newly mandated league stance on concussions, stating that the player had to be symptom free for a full week before returning.

Choice's injury is thought to be less serious than that of Bennett.

"It's a different classification than Martellus was," Head Coach Wade Phillips said.

As for Choice himself, the second-year Georgia Tech-product is resolute: "I could remember everything," Choice said. "I was dazed a little bit. I just wasn't me ... I'm playing. I've got to."

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