Choice Confident He'll Play Thursday At Oakland

With Felix Jones sidelined as the result of an injured toe, fellow second-year running back Tashard Choice saw his reps increase in practice on Monday, a sign that his sore shoulder--suffered during a goal line scrum last Wednesday--is on the mend.

Choice underwent an MRI on Thursday that revealed no structural damage.

"I did get a few more reps, because Felix had to chill out today, so we had to get more reps--me, Marion [Barber] and Keon [Lattimore].

Choice remains confident that he will play in Friday's preseason opener at Oakland, a piece of optimism backed by the fact that the Georgia Tech product has resumed normal--and now, in the absence of Jones--increased work in practice.

"I'm playing," Choice said to reporters after a Monday morning practice session. "I'm practicing. I'm practicing I'm playing so, you know, they ain't going to hold me out of that, so as long as I keep coming out here practicing, and don't have any setbacks, I'm good."

Choice continued, "[The shoulder's] just something I got to take day by day and just continue to work at it, more and more."
Leading up to the first preseason game of the year, Choice is partially excited by the prospect of banging against an opponents with which he doesn't share a locker room, though he also echoed the sentiments of Roy Williams on the subject somewhat.
"It's the preseason so you know you're not going to play [much], you don't know how much you're going to play in that scenario," Choice said. "But you know once you get in there you'll get that feeling of game time. But, you know, it doesn't count, but you want to play well and you want your team to do well, so you get fired up when you're in there, but then you're done really quick."
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