‘Boys Say ‘Thanks But No Thanks' To WR Matt Jones

When the Matt Jones to the Cowboys rumors began, it seemed for some reason that it was meant to be. Jerry Jones seemed to have a serious mancrush on his fellow former-Razorback, and his esteemed NFL franchise had a stable of (for the most part)completely unproven receivers.

Jones, in 12 games last year with Jacksonville, accrued more yards, more catches and more touchdowns than Miles Austin and Sam Hurd have--combined--in their career.

The rumors were intensified when Dallas began working on the Razorback; how could they not, really? Jones has experience as both a Razorback and a quarterback, which leads one to believe he could be a proficient Razorback-quarterback.

Still, Jones floated around in free agency.

Eventually, Jerry said that Dallas was happy with their receiver situation, and that they would not pursue. Recently, though, Jones said on a radio spot that Dallas was one of four teams he had spoken to, and the rumors flared up somewhat, once again.

However, Tim McMahon over at the DMN Cowboys Blog reports that Dallas is not interested--seriously--rumor over.

According to MacMahon's report, Jones' agent Dave Butz did contact Jerry Jones. Jerry Jones stuck to his gold-plated guns, however, politely (I'm assuming) declining. Again.

"We're very happy with our situation there," said Stephen Jones, Jerry's kid/VP of football operations.

It would be more than a little unusual for Jones to go unsigned for much longer. Through 12 games last season, Jones posted 65 catches for 761 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Jones who was originally charged with possession of a, um, controlled substance (sniff sniff) in the summer of 2008, was suspended for the last three games of last season; he was arrested again in March, after failing a mandatory drug test (part of his probation) in which he was shown to have alcohol in his system. 

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