Bennett's Hand A Non-Issue

Tight end Martellus Bennett caused a small number of the most ultra-worrisome fans to shudder on Tuesday, when he was seen clutching his hand after being trucked by Terence Newman.

The hit came on an out route during Tuesday's morning practice. As Tim MacMahon (who first reported this story) over at DMN points out, the team isn't supposed to tackle in camp; I guess Newman just saw an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

Anyway, Marty B said after practice that he was fine, that the hand felt "good," a sentiment he echoed on his Twitter page.

"My hand is not hurt," the post said. "T New jus hit me directly on it with his helmet. And I scored the td anyways lol. Oh I'm tweeting with it rgt now also."

Bennett went on to vow revenge on Newman, albeit (at least partially) jokingly, saying "I'll get him back some time later this camp."

From the looks of things since, the hand is fine. Bennett caught several passes on Wednesday, during the two-minute drill; which makes this something of a non-story.

"Unfortunately," Bennett joked, "there's nothing to write about."

Well. Guess we showed him.

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