Beans And Rice No More

Apparently, when Martellus Bennett dubbed the Cowboys' tight end tandem of he and Jason Witten "Beans and Rice," he never consulted with the veteran Witten; and Witten isn't so convinced of the moniker's merit. In an interview on ESPN's First Take this morning, the veteran tight end effectively nixed the nickname.

"Don't look too much into that," Witten said, laughing. "I'm still molding him a little bit. Obviously he's a good player, and still developing there, but sometimes he says some off the wall stuff. He's got a good personality, but I'm not claiming that nickname for sure."

Witten continued, explaining the apparently not-so-self-explanatory dubbing.

"I think I'm rice, but I'm not going to go too far with it," Witten said. "I guess the deal is beans are darker and the rice is lighter, that's where it comes from."

 As the Beans and Rice era draws to a close, the two tight ends are on a mission to find a replacement for the ultimately short lived nickname.

"Any ideas let us know," Witten said. Bennett, according to Tim MacMahon at the DMN Cowboys Blog has issued a statement via his semi-famous Twitter page asking his numerous followers to suggest a replacement.

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