As Frustration Mounts, Cowboys Hold Out Hope for Turnaround

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After the Washington Football Team handled the Cowboys 25-3 in Dallas’s second straight double-digit loss, team owner Jerry Jones was frustrated with 105.3 The Fan host Shan Shariff asking him about if the Cowboys have a leadership problem.

“Where you have a leadership void,” Jones asked. “It’s an experience void? Is it a talent void? The answer is no.”

As Shariff tried to elaborate, Jones said, “Shut up and let me answer you.”

Shariff was a guest on this week’s NBC 5 Sports Podcast, and spoke about the tense moment.

Pat Doney is joined by 105.3 The Fan‘s Shan Shariff on Jerry Jones, Stars announcer Josh Bogorad on Rick Bowness, Clayton Kershaw’s high school coach, and Dallas Morning News reporter Joseph Hoyt on #1 recruit in the nation Quinn Ewers decommitting from Texas.

“Our job when we’re at these press conferences is to ask the questions fans want to know,” Shariff said. “Jerry is a big boy. Stephen (Jones) is a big boy. They signed up for this. We didn’t force them to do this. When things are horrible, you have to answer the questions. And it’s going to keep being like that if it continues to stink, which I believe it will starting Sunday night on (NBC 5).”

But as the Cowboys near the desperation point of the season, at 2-and-5, head coach Mike McCarthy still believes Dallas can get back on track.

“The fact of the matter is everything still is in front of us,” McCarthy said. “I’m focused on what I’m normally focused on and that’s improvement. You have to improve each and every week, especially in October, that’s when teams around the league begin to separate themselves.”

That's something they’ll try to do beginning with their first game of November, Sunday night against the Eagles on NBC 5 Sunday Night Football.

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