Bicycle Sales Soar in North Texas During COVID-19

Beautiful spring weather has arrived and families are looking for outdoor exercise during the pandemic.

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Bicycles are the new toilet paper during COVID-19.

“It has been crazy, crazy busy,” said Bicycles Inc. marketer Traci Jordan. “I think a lot of people forgot how fun it is to ride their bikes.”

Bicycle sales are through the roof for companies like North Texas-based bike shop Bicycles Inc., with a line out the door almost all day long.

“Our warehouse is staying full because we are getting new bikes in daily, but our bike rack shelves in each store, they’re practically empty,” Jordan said. “We’re selling the bikes before we take them out of the box to build them.”

Out of the box, and onto the hundreds of miles of bike trails around North Texas, as beautiful spring weather has arrived while families continue to look for outdoor exercise.

“People aren’t working,” said cyclist Mark Lanier. “They want to lose some weight and stay active. They’re tired of looking at the house, tired of looking at their spouse. There’s a couple of million good reasons. They just want to get out and get some exercise.”

Good reasons to exercise and a few of the reasons its now so challenging to find bicycles, with North Texas bike shops hoping this is a sign that families spending time riding together will become the new normal.

“I definitely think this is going to change cycling and that people are going to continue to ride bikes,” said Jordan. “I definitely think people are going to have this as a family activity and it’s going to be better than before the virus.”

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