Grapevine's Bianca Smith is Breaking Barriers in Major League Baseball

Smith is the first African American woman to coach professional baseball

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Bianca Smith, who grew up in Grapevine, is breaking barriers in Major League Baseball. She is the Boston Red Sox new minor league coach.

She is the first African American woman to coach professional baseball.

"It means a lot more to me than it did originally just seeing how much people are being inspired by the idea," Smith said.

On her journey to the majors, she got some of her experience right here in North Texas. 

Smith is still wrapping her mind around the importance of her new position.

The Boston Red Sox were the last team to integrate.

Some people compare her accomplishment to that of Jackie
Robinson who was the first African American to play Major League Baseball.

"I've heard it a couple of times, but I feel like Jackie Robinson did so much more,” Smith said. “Maybe I'm just kind of seeing it from a different lens."

While living in Grapevine, Smith attended Colleyville Heritage High School where she played softball. She was also co-captain of the team.  She graduated in 2008.

In 2018, she was a volunteer baseball coach at the University of Dallas.

Head baseball coach Erik Grafton knew she was headed for the big leagues.

"When she left us, me and my assistant at the time we looked at each other and said, 'She is going to go do something pretty cool',” University of Dallas Head Coach Erik Grafton said. “I mean if you've ever spent any time around her just her personality and her ambition the way she does things."

She also spent time with the Texas Rangers. Smith was an intern and then returned as a Texas Rangers MLB Youth Academy Coach. It was an experience they both said was beneficial.

"Specifically, my mind gravitated to all the young girls she interacted with here at the facility and what it was going to mean to them to see what she achieved and that it's something that is possible," Texas Rangers MLB Youth Academy Director Juan Leonel Garciga said.

"They actually sent me to MLB Scout School which helped me with learning more about the evaluation of players which I still use a lot of that now as a coach," Smith said.

Smith shared the advice that has helped her along her journey to reach this historic milestone.

"If you hear a 'no' that's fine,” Smith said. “Ask 'why not? What can I do better? How can I get better? How can I be in that position?'”

She said she’s grateful to be in this position and that her goals of climbing the coaching ranks aren’t over yet.

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