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Beltre's Latest Dad Moment Was Classic

With the Rangers holding a comfortable lead over the Houston Astros on Tuesday night with a shot at firing the opening shots of the 2016 edition of the Silver Boot Series, Elvis Andrus made a mistake.

It was the sixth inning and Rougned Odor was on base with Andrus up at the plate. The veteran shortstop continued his hot streak with a rocket shot pulled down the left-field line, and Andrus decided to bust out his home run trot. Why not? He rarely hits them, so let him have his moment, right?

Well, one thing, Elvis... You just might want to be sure you get enough on it before you break out the trot. Instead, Andrus' hit bounced off the top of the wall in left field. Most likely, if he'd been gunning it out of the box, it would've still been a double, but he would've had a shot at three bases.

So when Andrus ended up scoring on a Brett Nicholas double, Beltre was quick to show his displeasure with his young protege.

Was Beltre really mad at his little buddy? Absolutely not, but it was the stare that counted.

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