North Texas DJ Provides Beat at Winter Olympics

NBCUniversal, Inc.

When the Big Air skiers and snowboarders fly off a towering ramp at the Winter Olympics, they’ll soar to the sounds of a North Texas D.J. Erik Jorgensen.

Known to fans at D.J. E.J., he is the music man at the venue built on the site of an old steel mill in the heart of Beijing.

“If I can play a song that helps bring that energy up, that's what gets me going and gives me that adrenaline rush,” said Jorgensen.

This isn’t Jorgensen’s first Olympics. He kept the party going at one of the hockey arenas at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

China, however, is a unique challenge.

“The fans that will be allowed at the Beijing Games are only from China, so I’m really trying to expand my library to keep those fans entertained,” he explained.

Jorgensen already has a huge library. He is the D.J. for several professional sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys.

But whether he’s at AT&T Stadium or halfway around the world, D.J. E.J. said the goal is always the same.

“Just seeing the joy on fans’ faces when I play a song that people can dance to or sing along to, it's a really neat feeling,” said Jorgensen.

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