Another Super Bowl for North Texas? Cuban Guarantees It

Mavs' owner Mark Cuban believes that another Super Bowl is on its way to North Texas


Between the onslaught of winter weather, the seating debacle that left around 400 paying fans, quite literally, out in the cold, and a shaky performance of the Star Spangled Banner by Christina Aguilera, the early grades for the North Texas-hosted Super Bowl Week can’t possibly be very soaring.

But according to Mavericks’ owner and Steelers’ fan Mark Cuban, that the game will return to Cowboys Stadium sooner than later is inevitable.

"I guarantee you without any doubt in my mind that they will come back the minute they are able to," said Cuban, per "There is just too much upside. You have these little bumps and bruises. That ain't [expletive]."

Cuban doesn’t believe Jerry Jones or the NFL should be held responsible for the aforementioned seating snafu--though he did suggest that, had he be in Jerry’s situation, he may have asked suite owners with extra seats to open their suites to those affected--and downplayed the incident, which is probably the most outstanding of a series of similar muck-ups during the week.

"It's not like Jerry Jones is going to be able to go up there and set the seats up himself,'' Cuban said. "So you work with vendors and you trust them, and sometimes they come through and sometimes they don't.

"And when they don't, they're not the ones that are going to look bad. In that case, Jerry and the NFL looks bad. But I wouldn't put it on Jerry or the NFL.''

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