Aikman Says Patriots Cheated and Should be Punished

So has everyone heard that the Patriots reportedly had all but one of their game balls deflated to two pounds of pressure under the NFL minimum? It's a pretty big deal, and it's even taken on cute names like Deflategate and Ballghazi, and it's even hit the tabloid shows on late night TV (not that I watch those, or anything).

Former Cowboys quarterback and FOX broadcaster Troy Aikman had some opinions about the matter on KTCK The Ticket on Thursday morning, and they were piping hot.

Aikman — and I'm paraphrasing — pretty much said there is no way the directive to deflate all but one of the balls from Sunday's AFC Championship Game didn't come from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. In fact, it's been well documented that the quarterback of each team selects the game balls and turns them into officials, who inspect them and sign off on them.

No one would've cared about those game balls more than Brady, and Aikman said he has no doubts Brady knew about it. He also said the NFL has enough evidence to take action against the Patriots, and added that if the NFL can suspend Saints head coach Sean Payton for Bountygate, then they can easily suspend Patriots coach Bill Belichick for at least that long. He called it cheating, while Bountygate was something that goes on in every NFL locker room.

It'll be interesting to see how the NFL handles the Patriots, who have been under scrutiny before for cheating and been punished for it. One thing's for sure, it will not involve the Super Bowl at all, and it shouldn't, but it should be a pretty hefty penalty for next season.

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