Aikman: Cowboys' Problems in 2015 Went Well Beyond the Romo Injury

Tony Romo was limited to four games in 2015 due to a pair of collarbone fractures

Hall of Fame quarterback turned Fox analyst Troy Aikman is of the belief that the Dallas Cowboys’ problems in 2015 went well beyond simply losing their franchise quarterback for most of the season due to a pair of collarbone fractures.

Speaking with The Musers on 1310-AM The Ticket this week, Aikman pointed to the case of backup quarterback Matt Cassel.

"You take Matt Cassel for instance," Aikman said, via the Dallas Morning News. "Matt had not played in a collegiate football game at quarterback while he was in college at [USC]. The last time he started a game was in high school. He takes over for Tom Brady years ago and he wins 10 games. Then he goes to Kansas City and he's a Pro Bowl quarterback. You can't tell me that he's not capable of winning games in this league and they [the Cowboys] won one with him at quarterback. Dez [Bryant] goes down.

“There was a lot of things there. I think it's never as easy as saying that it's just one thing.”

Ultimately, Aikman believes the Romo injury provided a catchall scapegoat for the 2015 Cowboys.

"I think when Tony [Romo] went down, he gave a lot of people an excuse." Aikman said. "It sounds to me like some people have used that excuse as to why this team wasn't able to do more. It's gotta go much deeper than that."

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