After Protesting During National Anthem, Stars Look to Bounce Back on Ice vs. Colorado

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

The Dallas Stars made history before the puck even dropped in their first game in the NHL’s round-robin postseason tournament, with Stars players Tyler Seguin and Jason Dickinson taking a knee during the national anthem along with two players from the Las Vegas Golden Knights, becoming the first NHL players in uniform to ever kneel during the anthem.

“Before the game, I went into the dressing room and told everyone what I was doing,” Seguin said.

“Obviously told everyone there was no pressure to do anything. Dickinson grabbed me and said he wanted to be a part of it.”

“I have people of color in my family,” Dickinson said. “My dad comes from the islands and one of my uncles is black. It was easy for me. I’ve been thinking about it since all of this started.”

Once the game began, the Stars fell apart down the stretch, going from two goals up to losing the game by two goals, knowing game 2 of the tournament – which is tonight against the Colorado Avalanche – needs to include better effort from start to finish.

“We’re fortunate this game is not as important as others for other teams,” Dickinson said. “If we played like that in a play-in series, we’d be going home soon.”

They're hoping to play better when the puck drops Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., and with Seguin and Dickinson non-committal about if they will kneel for the anthem again before game two begins.

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