Adamson High School Senior Blazing Her Own Path on Baseball Diamond

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An Oak Cliff high school baseball player is turning heads by showing the ability to play just about every position on the field at a high level -- while also proving she belongs on the baseball field.

Adamson High School senior Tatyana Beltran is blazing her own path and can do it all on the diamond.

“I’ve played pretty much all positions, but I think catcher is my favorite,” Beltran said.

“We’ve had her pitch, catch, play third, shortstop, second base, outfield,” Adamson High School baseball coach Edward Taylor said. “She can do anything she wants to do. She really can.”

Beltran said she prefers baseball to softball and that she fell in love with the game at a young age. She said she never shied away from playing sports against and with the boys.

“When I was younger, like really little, I was a girly girl,” Beltran said. “But as I grew older, I was a tomboy with sports. I played football with the guys, basketball, any sports-related stuff I would play with the guys.”

Her teammates at Adamson said they have no issues with her playing on the team.

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“No, not at all, because I played with them when I was younger,” Beltran said. “As long as I do my job, they’re good with me.”

“She’s a baseball player, that’s how I see it,” Taylor said. “That’s it. She has a great attitude, very coachable, very likable, always on time and stays late.”

She stays late, but she believes she’s right on time when it comes to proving that girls can play baseball if they want to.

“I feel I’m opening more doors for younger girls to come up and play the game,” she said. “They don’t have to switch to softball like everyone says they have to. They can play baseball if they like to play. I guess, yeah, I’m kind of a trailblazer.”

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