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What's That Buzzing at the World Cup?



    What's That Buzzing at the World Cup?

    What's that buzzing sound you ask during World Cup soccer matches? Well it's the sound of a vuvuzela, which sounds a lot like a swarm of buzzing bees. The horns were first made famous in Mexico and have since become a favorite of fans in South Africa. But there are reports surfacing that fans, broadcasters and players are complaining about the sound.

    FIFA is reportedly under pressure to ban the horns, but has said it will only do that if they become a physical hazard. Still it's putting a damper on the games for some who are missing the famous sounds of the crowds reacting to what is going happening on the pitch.

    The horn is over 3ft long, and has been used in stadiums in Mexico since the 1970's, and was originally made of tin. It's now made of plastic. Controversy surrounding the vuvuzela, includes the horn being linked to hearing loss,  a possible risk to safety if spectators have to hear important announcements during games and players complaining they can't communicate with each other during games.

    Still defenders of the horns have said it is part of the South African soccer culture and basically people should get over it.