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West's Wet Willy Worth $25,000

West's dry Wet Willy earns him a hefty fine



    West's Wet Willy Worth $25,000
    Delonte West with the Dallas Mavericks.

    Dallas Mavericks guard Delonte West has been fined $25,000 for giving Utah's Gordon Hayward a dry Wet Willy.

    You remember the Wet Willy, right? If not, the Willy-er would wet their finger with their own spit before stealthly sliding that same finger into the ear of an unsuspecting buddy -- the Willy-ee.

    West did that, sans saliva, and with a little force (which was over the line) during Monday night's game agains the Jazz.

    For his effort he has been hit with a $25,000 fine for a childish action the NBA now terms a physical taunt.

    After the poke, Hayward walked away with both arms raised while West received a technical foul.

    The Mavericks lost the game in triple-overtime 123-121.