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Vuvuzelas Here to Stay



    The company that provides the broadcasting feed for the World Cup is doubling its audio filters to reduce the constant blaring buzz of vuvuzelas.

    Host Broadcast Services said Tuesday it also is encouraging various rightsholders to replace their commentators' microphones with its headsets. HBS says that's because they are more effective at filtering out crowd noise. While the measures will mute some of the atmosphere at the games, HBS said it increased the level of the ball mics to provide some balance.

    The vuvuzelas, plastic horns that make a buzzing sound, have been the talk of the World Cup. Broadcasters around the world have received complaints from viewers. Several have taken their own measures to try and reduce the drone. But FIFA president Sepp Blatter says the horns are here to stay. He says he would not take away something that is uniquely African.