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UNT Coach Recovering From Stroke Ready for Spring Practice

Head football coach on his way to full recovery



    McCarney Ready for New Season After Stroke

    The University of North Texas head football coach Dan McCarney is gearing up for spring practice six weeks after he suffered a stroke. (Published Tuesday, March 27, 2012)

    Spring football is here, and the North Texas head coach is gearing up for practice as he recovers from a stroke.

    Dan McCarney was rushed to the hospital in February when the left side of his body went numb. McCarney, who takes the field again on Wednesday, said he's ready to go.

    "I'm not going to stand there like a statue," he said. "I'm going to be on the move. That's just the way I am. I coach with energy and passion and enthusiasm."

    He was hospitalized six weeks ago.

    "From the minute it happened, I was scared, and I don't scare easily. That's just my personality," McCarney said.

    McCarney said he was in good health and was working out with his wife before the stroke happened.

    "Next thing you know, left side of my face, left arm, left leg went numb like that," he said. "I have had no practice with it. I've never had any experience with it. I've had no health issues like that ever in my life. This thing knocked me down like nothing ever has in my life."

    While the cause of the stroke remains a mystery, the quick response time by his family and doctors saved his life, McCarney said. He said he is on his way to a full recovery, although the stroke has left a mark.

    "It does change you in a lot of ways, in your approach, your appreciation for life, for family, for friends, for your job, for my opportunity," he said. "I've lost track of how many people have contacted me."