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Twitter Wants Its FCD



    Twitter Wants Its FCD
    FC Dallas is in the playoffs! Bring on L.A.!!!

    Before cable TV was available in every household, MTV came up with a simple but effective cry for support -- "I want my MTV." Dire Straits immortalized it in the song "Money For Nothing," and now even kids who think The Hills is old-school know the slogan.

    But in a coordinated effort to drum up support for their team, FC Dallas fans have taken to Twitter with an adjusted message -- "I want my FCD."

    We should actually write that as #iwantmyfcd, as that's the hashtag that's accompanying the dozens of Tweets being sent directly to us, asking for coverage of Dallas' Major League Soccer outfit that just made the playoffs.

    It's all part of FC DallasPresident Doug Quinn's plan to get fans to demand more media attention for the highly-successful soccer club. In an open letter posted on the FC Dallas site, Quinn reminds fans of the club's 19-game streak, awards for players and coaches, and their current playoff battle.

    At Home With FC Dallas Heath Pearce

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    We're happy for the team success, and have loved covering their coach's big award, super supportive fans, and players taking the runway for charity recently. We'll also be happy to see how they fare against David Beckham and the LA Galaxy this Sunday in the Western Conference Championship.

    Good luck to the team, and to our Twitter followers (on @NBCDFW, @dfwaroundtown, @bluestarblog) -- #wegotyourFCD.

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