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Trash Talk Fail



    Trash Talk Fail
    Tom Allen

    Over the years, fans of sports teams from DFW and San Francisco have enjoyed facing-off in some high-profile postseason classics. Cowboys-49ers, Stars-Sharks, Mavericks-Warriors all come to mind ... and now Rangers-Giants.

    In these situations a little friendly ribbing and ruffling of the feathers of the opposition is expected. Actually, it's even appreciated as many fans look forward to going a few rounds with fans of other clubs. But much like your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving, (c'mon, everyone has THAT uncle) someone always has to go too far and say something unsavory that makes everyone feel icky -- effectively ruining the party for everyone. In this case, what is spoiled is the how some of the people of San Francisco are perceived and Nova Bar and Restaurant is to blame.

    The eatery seems like a nice enough looking little joint situated just a few blocks from AT&T Park. But they went flying over the line that divides harmless trash talk and classless commentary with a sidewalk sandwich board that read: "Josh Hamilton Drinks Free."

    For those new to the Rangers bandwagon, Hamilton is a recovering drug and alcohol addict.  He was ousted from Major League Baseball due his condition and, now clean and sober, has slowly battled back to greatness with the help of those he holds most dear: his savior, wife, friends and teammates.  It's quite a story, but one that doesn't yet have a happy ending as Hamilton has had relapses and battles daily to stay clean.

    That's what makes this comment by this restaurant so classless. Mess With Texas, Trash Texas or some other alliterative pun would have worked and stoked the fires for Rangers and Giants fans alike -- but this was simply a mean-spirited jab at a player whose fight to recover from the painful depths of his addiction is by no means over.

    It's not funny, it's just mean and you're better than that San Francisco. We might have expected abrasive, personal attacks from east coast fans, but I'd guess even they wouldn't stoop to this level. We thought you'd be more clever.  Way to keep it classy Nova.