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The 2010 FIFA World Cup

A look ahead at 32 nations in 32 days, leading up to the premiere sporting event in the World



    The 2010 FIFA World Cup
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    KANSAS CITY, KS - APRIL 24: Landon Donovan #10 of the Los Angeles Galaxy slides in an attempt to keep the ball in play during an MLS match against the Kansas City Wizards on April 24, 2010 at Community America Park in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)

    There are few sporting events in life that can bring a nation together, bring it to its knees and make it rejoice all at the same time. We are exactly 32 days away from that moment, when the ball kicks off at this summer's FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

    Soccer doesn't grab the major headlines here in the United States, but around the world people live and die with the sport.

    Its played once every four years, so one win and one loss, one goal can be the difference between becoming an iconic figure for life (See Maradona, Pele) and becoming a goat for the next four years (See Beckham in 98).

    Squads go through years of grueling qualifiers to get a guaranteed 270 minutes of action. Then its all gone in a month, and one nation gets to call themselves World Champions, bragging rights for the next four years. Legends for eternity.

    For the next 32 days, NBCDFW will give you a preview of all the countries competing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Counting down from 32 to 1, and along the way tell you about some unique places in North Texas to catch the matches, share a meal or a brew with a buddy and enjoy the beautiful game of football, as its called around the world.

    So without futhur adieu ... here's a look at team No. 32: South Africa.