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Texas/OU as Epic as Ever



    Texas/OU as Epic as Ever

    The 104th installment of the Red River Shootout was supposed to be epic; the game of the year. Texas vs. Oklahoma, Crimson vs. Burnt Orange, Colt vs. Sam, Stoops vs. Brown. BCS Title game on the line...EPIC.

    Then something happened, the season started. And before it ever really got underway, OU was down Bradford, Gresham, Broyles, and stuck with 2 stinging 1 point losses.

    Boomer Sooner's BCS Title hopes crushed along with Sam Bradford's shoulder. Season done right? Don't believe it for one bit.

    As long as there are corny dogs at the State Fair of Texas, there will be hate and disgust between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners.

    This rivalry is historic, and after last year's affair it can only get better.

    OU and UT will step onto the Cotton Bowl this saturday with different sets of goals, but the mentality stays the same -- SEEK AND DESTROY BURNT ORANGE OR CRIMSON AND CREAM.

    The Horns are still on pace for the BCS title, but you have to win the Big 12 South before you can get a chance at Super Tim and the Gators.

    And that's been the problem for UT, they've won three out of the last four versus their rivals north of the border, but somehow Oklahoma has still won the Big 12 Championship three consecutive times.

    (Sooner fans can thank the BCS again quickly here)

    Now If Big Game Bob can pull out a 4th straight Big 12 title, it would have to rank as all-time great acheivement because you've washed the Horns' title hopes down the drain as well.

    And in the end, isn't that all that matters, both these teams are loaded with talent and expect to win every year, but for some reason...records, rankings, the BCS don't matter under the October Dallas sky.

    So get ready folks for Big Tex's annual show, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so grab your Bevo Horns, rev up the Sooner Schooner and get ready for another Good ol' fashion Red River Shootout.