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Texas Plane Pull Win Doesn't Bode Well for the Longhorns



    In the annual feat of who can pull a jumbo jet faster, Texas bests OU at Dallas Love Field. (Published Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010)

    The Southwest Airlines plane pull is a relatively new and fun, yet silly, annual tradition that helps kickoff the festivities around Texas-OU weekend.

    For the sixth consecutive year, a number of fans from each university took turns (employees and friends of employees of SWA) lining up and playing a one-sided tug-of-war match with an 83,000-pound jumbo jet.

    Whichever team pulls the Boeing 737 down a 50-yard stretch of tarmac the fastest wins the plane pull.  And what do they win?  I'm glad you asked. "The team with the lowest time wins roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines and plenty of other prizes, including a chance to win tickets to the game," Southwest says.  So, that's cool.

    Flanked by excited cheerleaders and fans from both schools, the delegates representing UT emerged as the victor with a time of 30 seconds -- seven full seconds faster than OU.  The times were greatly improved over two years ago when the were closer to a minute each.

    Of course, unless you're overly superstitious, the outcome of the plane pull has no bearing what-so-ever on the outcome of the football game. For those that are superstitious, here is something to gnaw on: In 2009, Texas won the game16-13, but lost the plane pull. In 2008, OU won the plane pull but lost the game 45-35.

    Let's hope that trend ends in 2010. Hook'em Horns.