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Terrell Owens Isn't A Good Teammate On TV Either

Model flips out at Owens during "Superstars"



    Terrell Owens Isn't A Good Teammate On TV Either
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    Teams just aren't T.O.'s thing.

    By now, you've probably seen commercials heralding the return of "Superstars" to network television on Tuesday night. The new version actually combines the old athletes competing in an all-around competition of the 70's and 80's with "Battle of the Network Stars" by pairing sports stars with celebrities from other walks of life in a team competition.

    One of the teams is made up of Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens and model Joanna Krupa, and it seems that the pairing worked out about as well as Owens and everyone else that he's ever worked with.

    Let that be a warning to you, Trent Edwards. There's a longer version of Krupa's freakout, but her language is a little too salty for these waters.

    Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo, among other former Owens teammates, will probably particularly love seeing this, but you've got to wonder where that kind of reaction was from them when T.O. was throwing them under enough buses to fill Port Authority for the next three years.

    Guess T.O. will have to take to his driveway for some push-ups and sit-ups to get himself onto another team. Maybe a pairing with Dan Cortese will bear more fruit? 

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