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TCU to Ditch Big East for Big 12: Reports

TCU says returning to rivalries in Big 12 is something their fans want



    TCU has been invited to join the Big 12 and is expected to join the conference in the 2012-13 school year, CBSSports is reporting.

    TCU, currently in the Mountain West Conference, was to join the Big East on July 1 of next year. 

    Thursday, TCU released the following statement from Chancellor Victor Boschini Jr: "These discussions with the Big 12 have huge implications for TCU. It will allow us to return to old rivalries, something our fans and others have been advocating for many years. As always, we must consider what’s best for TCU and our student-athletes in this ever-changing landscape of collegiate athletics. We look forward to continuing these discussions with the Big 12."

    Since they aren't yet officially a member of the Big East, they will have to pay a $5 million exit fee but aren't bound by the conference's 27-month notice for departure, CBSSports reports.

    Big 12 Extends Invite to TCU

    [DFW] Big 12 Extends Invite to TCU
    The Big 12 invited Texas Christian University to ditch the Big East and move to their conference.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    With the loss of Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC, the Big East doesn't seem as appealing a draw as it once might have been for the Frogs who were looking to get into a conference with a BCS berth. 

    In the Big 12, the Horned Frogs will fill the void left by the SEC-bound Aggies and keep a regional schedule in a top conference.

    “TCU is an excellent choice as a new member of the conference.  They bring strong athletics and academic credentials and were enthusiastically and unanimously supported by all of the members of the conference," said David Boren, University of Oklahoma president. "There could be other additions in the future."

    The Big 12 is still waiting to hear from Missouri about their plans for the future. If they stay, the conference is widely expected to remain at 10 teams.  Should Missouri leave for the SEC, the Big 12 may expand back to a 12-team league.