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TCU Will Wear Special "Pro Combat" Uniforms Saturday

Nike unveiling new uniform for Utah game.



    TCU Will Wear Special "Pro Combat" Uniforms Saturday
    TCU will be the first team in the country to wear Nike's Pro Combat style uniform.

    The TCU Horned Frogs will be wearing a specially designed Nike uniform when they take on Utah Saturday in Fort Worth.

    The Nike Pro Combat uniform is a new uniform designed to address changes in the game including faster and stronger players.

    Nike says it worked with coaches and administators to develop a state-of-the-art unform as the sport becomes faster, more violent and explosive.

    The uniform is 25 percent lighter than current designs (23.7 ounces vs. 37.4 ounces), the lightest Nike has ever created. Nike utilized a four-way stretch twill that does not hold sweat or water and as a result, the new uniforms are 46 percent lighter than the current designs when wet. In addition to keeping the players dry, the fabric is also supposed to help keep players cool.

    There is more padding in the thighs, hips and tailbone. The padding zones are composed of dual-density foam cells that absorb, deflect and disperse the impact of on-field collisions.

    "Players need their uniforms to be as light as possible so they can play the game at top speed," said Kris Aman, Global VP and General Manager for Nike Athletic Training, which includes football. "The Nike Pro Combat uniform is a modern system of dress that is dramatically lighter while providing durability and protection."

    The look of the TCU uniform will combine features from the university's history, including their "Don't Back Down" motto, and a horned frog's skin print. There will also be red lines on players' helmets representing the blood that shoots from a horned frog's eyes when under attack.

    TCU will wear the special uniforms one time. Other schools are also wearing the Nike uniforms.

    For information about the Pro Combat uniforms click here.