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TAPPS to Allow for Religious Observance Flexibility

Schools no longer forced to participate on day of Sabbath



    TAPPS to Allow for Religious Observance Flexibility
    Amanda Guerra
    The Beren Academy Stars huddle before the last 10 seconds of Friday's semifinal game. Beren won 58-46.

    The organization in charge of private and parochial school athletics is allowing greater scheduling flexibility after a controversy surrounding a playoff date on the Jewish Sabbath.

    The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools has changed its bylaws after a dispute surrounding a basketball playoff date involving an Orthodox Jewish school in Houston.

    TAPPS had initially rejected Beren Academy's requests to reschedule a Saturday date last postseason, nearly forcing the team to forfeit.

    Several parents filed a lawsuit seeking to force TAPPS to reschedule the semifinal. TAPPS relented and changed the time to Friday afternoon. Beren Academy eventually lost to Abilene Christian in a Saturday night championship final.

    In the future, "no member school shall be required to participate on a day of Sabbath observance or a day of traditional religious holidays," the revised bylaw states.