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Steelers O-Linemen Rock Flozell Jerseys on Flight to DFW

The Steelers' offensive line showed some love for Flozell Adams on the flight to DFW



    Last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger told reporters that winning the Super Bowl for Flozell Adams--who spent 12 seasons as a member of the Dallas Cowboys before being released last offseason--would mean as much, if not more, than it would mean for himself.

    On Sunday, the Steelers’ offensive linemen showed their support for Adams in his first ever Super Bowl in a different, more tacit manner.

    Boarding the flight for the DFW Metroplex on Sunday, the Steelers’ linemen could be seen wearing green Michigan State jerseys, no. 76--which, of course, was Adams’ number as a member of the Trojans in the 1990s.

    The public show was just the latest in the Steelers’ show of support for Adams, who was picked up and moved to the right side after spending 12 seasons on the left in Dallas, minding the blind-sides of a number of quarterbacks, a list that began with Troy Aikman and ended with Tony Romo.

    Adams himself has chosen to be mum on the significance of playing in his first Super Bowl in Dallas. “I’m a Steeler,” Adams said recently. “So that’s how we roll.”