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Steel Sculpture Honors Texas HS Football

16-foot statue unveiled in Sundance Square



    Steel Sculpture Honors Texas HS Football
    The monument, which honors Texas high school football, is made of recycled steel from Texas Stadium and other high school facilities.

    The curtain came off today of a 16-foot statue set up at Sundance Square meant to celebrate the greatness of high school football, and yeah, yeah, just in time for the Super blah.

    The steel sculpture — "Cradle of Champions" — built by Gerdau Ameristeel from recycled — that would mean “scrap,” right? — metal includes 2,000-ish names of Texas high schoolers who went on to play in the NFL.

    According to a news release, the steel came from sources such as “the recently demolished stadium in North Texas.” Um, Texas Stadium, maybe?

    The thing weighs 7 tons and depicts the Texas outline with a giant football impaling the state deep in its heart.

    It remains on display at the Chisholm Trailparking lot at Sundance Square through Feb. 6 before it moves along to its “final resting place,” according to a spokesman, near the new stadium at TCU.

    What, Odessa didn’t want it?

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