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Texas/OU Fans Attend Game Together

TX/OU married couple been coming to game for 21 years



    Lots of fun and ribbing before the game, hopefully no hurt feelings after. (Published Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012)

    In Lot 11 at Dallas' Fair Park, we bumped into several groups of Longhorn and Sooner faithful, including Kenny and Debbie Putman.  Kenny roots for OU, Debbie UT.

    They met on a co-ed softball team in Norman and got married 21 years ago on the way down to see the TX - OU game.  They've only missed one since and that was for their daughter's wedding.  During the 21 years the teams are 10-10-1 according to Kenny Putman who says he looked it up.

    So what's their relationship like today?

    "It has its goods and bads," says Debbie.  "It depends on who wins."

    "Really good except for four hours a year," quips Kenny.

    We also found Texas-OU church friends and Texas-OU colleagues.

    Colleagues John Self (Texas) and Scott Stofko (OU) go to the game each year.  The section they sit in is determined by which team won the previous year, so today, it's the OU section.

    We asked Stofko if he's sorry he won't have a friend to high five when the Sooners score.

    "There are plenty of fans around I can high five," says Stofko.  "It works out fine.  It's a good time, good ribbing."