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Soccer Match Unites Families

Pre-game & post-game Celebrations held at Cowboy Stadium Parking Lot



    This game has such special meaning for some families by bridging a gap. (Published Sunday, June 3, 2012)

    The excited crowds for Sunday’s Mexico versus Brazil soccer matchup at Cowboy Stadium hours before the game to celebrate.

    In the crowd, everywhere you turn it seems like there was only red white and green, Mexico’s colors.

    Despite who the fans are cheering for, this soccer match goes beyond the rivalries and revelers. As it unites two nations for 90 minutes on the field, off the field, it brings families together.

    Nestor, vowed to his father Sebastian that if Mexico came back to play in the Metroplex, they would be in the stands rooting for them.

    "You know the pride that reflects here, you know you see all the people all around here,” Nestor said. “It's a proud thing--everybody's here and they rise up to the occasion."

    Even the young fans like Luis Hernandez and his cousin.

    "She loves it, she's been here since she was 12 months--every game, she comes to the games," Evelyn Bonde, an aunt said.