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SF Cameraman Gets Tackled by Dallas Cowboy

NBC cameraman Felipe Escamilla reportedly unscathed



    Dallas Cowboys cornerback DeAngelo Smith bowls over an NBC cameraman. (Published Friday, Aug. 14, 2009)

    NBC Bay Area cameraman Felipe Escamilla was trying to get the picture, not land in it.

    But when Dallas Cowboyscornerback DeAngelo Smith went out of bounds in Thursday's game against the Oakland Raiders, the cornerback tackled Escamilla, camera and all.

    Even though Smith is on the roster at under 200 pounds, he easily took down Escamilla, who wasn't expecting the sideline blitz.

    Escamilla's colleagues report that he is unharmed. His Twitter account, @fotogfeep, has been silent about the incident.

    But to our eyes, it's another unfair attack upon the beleaguered media. Hey, Cowboys -- how about you pick on someone your own size? Like, say, the Oakland Raiders?

    Oh, right ... that didn't go so well.