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Red River Rivalry Revs Up



    Even bitter rivals can be friendly before and after kickoff. (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    Even rivals can break bread at the Red River Rivalry. In a sea of red and orange, fans were streaming into Fair Park hours before kickoff.

    "This is the game of the year every year," said Longhorn Brad Gephart.

    Those with extra tickets tried to sell them to those still looking for a seat at the game. But plenty of people opted to watch the Texas-OU game on TV screens around Fair Park and while tailgating in parking lots outside the Cotton Bowl.

    "If you don't go to the game, you can just eat fried food and watch the game on the big screen and not have to deal with trying to get in and out of the game," said Sooner fan Jenna McCarthy.

    Everywhere you looked, the battle lines were drawn and colors displayed.

    But at one big tailgating party, the rivalry runs in the family which makes for quite a sizzling game day. The father, Doug Turpin, had to wear a hat and shirt from both teams to please his wife and daughters who attended competing colleges.

    "Everybody wants favoritism, but you know, that'll get old pops in trouble. So I'm just trying to straddle the fence today," said Turpin.

    Not everyone opted for an elaborate tailgating setup. Two ladies kept it simple by just sitting in lawn chairs and listening to country music blaring from their car speakers.

    "This is us. We're more laid back," said OU fan Bridgett Mizer.

    And for a group of old friends from high school tossing bean bags by their tents, going to different colleges doesn't mean separating for good.

    "No matter what's going on in our lives, we all make a promise to get back together," said OU fan Rick Synrod.

    They say the Texas-OU game is like Christmas. In the end, it's all in the name of friendly rivalry and fun.