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Rangers' Championship Gear Goes to Good Cause

Unused ‘champions’ attire going to impoverished kids



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    Yes, it’s a colossal drag that the Texas Rangers failed to win the World Series.

    At least it is around here. People in San Francisco might beg to differ.

    Still, it’s even a colossal-er drag that kids in Nicaragua, Romania, and Uganda live in squalid conditions.

    So it comes as some measure of consolation that all the T-shirts and caps, now rendered moot, proclaiming the Rangers the 2010 World Series champions will be donated through Major League Baseball and World Vision, a faith-based humanitarian organization, to kids and their families in impoverished areas.

    According to a report in today’s Dallas Morning News, “About 300 shirts and 300 baseball caps with the Texas Rangers logo that say 2010 World Series Champions,” will head abroad to clothe needy children, and that, Rangers fans, is the silver lining in the otherwise dark cloud of defeat.

    It’s not just Rangers gear, either. Printers whipped up similar T-shirts and such for both teams at each level of the playoffs in both leagues, so exactly half that stuff became inaccurate, and all that stuff will head to impoverished areas around the world.

    So that has to be a conundrum for ballplayers in the playoffs. Win and get a souvenir T-shirt or lose and contribute to humanitarian efforts.


    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He bets that a few of those Rangers 2010 champs T-shirts end up on eBay anyway.