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Rangers Celebrate Win With Ginger Ale



    The Texas Rangers celebrated their history-making playoff win Tuesday night with ginger ale before bringing out the booze.

    The team showered themselves with bottles of the nonalcoholic drink to support outfielder Josh Hamilton's substance abuse battle.

    "This says a lot about our team," Hamilton said. "We won, and when one guy can't do something, the other guys adjust and make it happen, so I'm so happy to be here with these guys."

    Hamilton started fighting an alcohol and drug addiction several years ago and relapsed as recently as last year with a night of binge drinking.

    "I just think that's so precious," said his wife, Katie. "I love his teammates, and they love him. I just think that it's such a sweet, special group of guys that they have. They're family, and I just think it's just so awesome that they're sensitive about the whole alcohol thing."

    The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse says just the presence of alcohol can trigger a relapse. The organization said it hopes the Rangers will continue to respect Hamilton's desire to stay sober.

    "I think it's great, and I think it sends a great message to the community, as well, and to youth -- sending the message that you don't have to have alcohol to celebrate," said Alison Watros, director of the group's prevention programs.

    The team held another celebration with alcohol, but Hamilton, just as he did when the team clinched the American League West in Oakland, did not attend.

    "Real special -- I think they're going to bring in the real stuff right now, so I'm going to go out," Hamilton said.