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Rangers Ballpark Going HD



    Rangers Ballpark Going HD

    It may not be 60 yards long, but the Ballpark in Arlington is going HD.

    The old video board that has rested atop Home Run Porch since the park opened in 1994 is being replaced with a fancier, more modern version. 

    In addition to that change, the team is making a series of significant improvements in the video technology and audio systems in use throughout the park.

    "The club is partnering with Daktronics Inc. and the Sony Corporation to deliver high-definition digital content throughout the ballpark in a number of different formats. The upgrades will dramatically enhance the in-park experience for Rangers fans with high quality video, technology, and audio and additional information," the team said in a news release.

    Fans can also follow the progress of the demolition and reconstruction of the new Upper Home Run Porch Video Board LIVE via a scoreboard camera on texasrangers.com.

    The upgrades are expected to be completed by Opening Day on April 1.