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Performance-Enhancing Fashion?



    Performance-Enhancing Fashion?
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    Starting pitcher C.J. Wilson pitches against the New York Yankees in Game Five of the ALCS.

    During Game 1, we noticed the unique red and blue rope braided necklaces the Rangers were sporting. Were they the latest MLB fashion statement or a new team superstition? We decided to investigate.

    The technology behind the rope necklaces are from a company called Phiten. Their product line claims to help counteract stress and fatigue, and helps regulate the flow of energy throughout the body. The particular style the Rangers are wear, “The Tornado," features two necklaces woven together with the team’s logo and colors. The necklaces are made from an aqua-titanium technology that claims to shortens recovery time, relaxes muscles, provides longer lasting energy and less fatigue.

    "I think they work," Rangers pitcher Dustin Nipperttold NBC DFW’s Scott Gordon. "It's got titanium in it to help blood flow and gets the soreness out of your muscles faster."

    TexasElvis Andrus and C.J. Wilson, Yankee A.J. Burnett, as well as Boston Red Sox Jon Lester, are just a few other MLB superstars to sport the braided accessory.

    But they're not limited to elite baseball players -- the Phiten website sponsors professional golfers, football and tennis players and marathon runners. (Click here to see photos of some ALCS players wearing the necklaces.)

    The Phiten products aren’t the only performance technology accessories to hit the market.

    The Power Balance bracelets are the latest craze with college students and professional athletes. According to the Power Balance website, the products contain a holographic technology to “resonate and respond to the natural energy field of the body.”

    Whether you believe in energy-enhancing rope necklaces or holographic bracelets, one thing is for sure -- we all hope that the Rangers keep sporting the necklaces until the final game of the World Series.