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OU Ups Odds of Losing Saturday with Plane Pull Win



    The winner of the last few plane pulls hasn't done so well on the football field. (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    It's Texas-OU weekend, or OU-Texas weekend depending upon from where you hail, and with that brings the silly annual tradition of the Pigskin Plane Pull at Love Field.

    For the seventh consecutive year, a number of fans (employees and friends of employees of Southwest Airlines from each university took turns lining-up and playing a one-sided tug-of-war match with an 83,000-pound Southwest 737 jumbo jet.

    Whichever team drags the jet 50 yards the fastest wins the plane pull, but is destined to lose the game.

    See, the last few winners of the plane pull lost the actual football game, including last years Longhorns who dragged the plane along at a blistering mark of 30 seconds, but lost on the gridiron.

    Maybe your team, whichever they may be, should just drop the rope Revenge of the Nerds style since so much seems to be riding on the outcome.

    Hook 'em.