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Nowitzki's Ex-Fiancée Sentenced to Prison



    Nowitzki's Ex-Fiancée Sentenced to Prison
    Dirk Nowitzki's lawyer says Christa Taylor's pregnancy claim is likely a tall tale.

    Dirk Nowitzki's ex-fiancée received a five years prison sentence Monday morning for violating probation in a 1997 forgery and theft case, the St. Louis Dispatch reported.

    Cristal A. Taylor, 38, admitted in court that she failed to check in with her probation officer and that she was arrested twice in 2000 for misdemeanors in Texas, the paper reported.

    Nowitzki learned about Taylor's criminal background and called off their engagement after he hired a private investigator to do a background check ahead of a prenuptial agreement, sources close to the star said.

    Police arrested Taylor on two outstanding warrants at Nowitzki's home on May 6.  The first was the probation violation from the Missouri corrections department and the second a theft of service charge from Jefferson County.

    The circuit court judge in St. Charles, Mo. ordered Taylor to serve concurrent five-year prison sentences for three felony counts and a one-year jail term for a misdemeanor.

    Taylor has told The Dallas Morning News that she's pregnant with Nowitzki's child. Nowitzki has filed for custody if a paternity test proves he's the father of the child.