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NFL Calls for “Enhanced” Pat Downs at Stadiums

League says it recommended head-to-toe pat downs before the start of the season



    NFL Calls for “Enhanced” Pat Downs at Stadiums
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    Fans in the stands should expect "enhanced" pat downs, the NFL says.

    It’s not just the players who’ll be getting full body contact.

    The NFL has recommended “enhanced” fan pat down procedures this season for all 32 clubs, USA Today reported.

    The new security procedures call for fans to be frisked from head to toe -- instead of from the waist up -- before they’re allowed into stadiums.

    News of the shift comes after a 59-year-old fan allegedly used a Taser during a fight in the stands at the Jets-Cowboys game in East Rutherford, New Jersey on the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

    MetLife Stadium CEO Mark Lamping said after the incident that “fans were patted down and had their bags checked as they entered the stadium, as usual," NBC Sports reported.

    NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told USA Today Thursday the league had recommended the new guidelines ahead of the start of the season. 

    "We encourage fans to come early, enjoy their tailgating tradition, and be patient as they enter the stadium," he said.