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Move Over Chuck Norris, Here Comes Cliff Lee



    Move Over Chuck Norris, Here Comes Cliff Lee
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    Texas Rangers starting pitcher Cliff Lee speaks to reporters at AT&T Park.

    Cliff Lee's popularity is reaching epic proportions prior to Game 1 of the World Series, and Rangers fans can rejoice he's on our team!

    Lee's repertoire of pitches (cut fastball, four-seam fastball, two-seam fast ball, circle changeup and knuckle curve ball) have made him a legend.

    Lee's legendary status has made him the subject of Internet lore, so move over Chuck Norris and The Most Interesting Man, you've got company.

    From the, blog of Cliff Lee Facts,  to the hashtag Twitter feed #cliffleefacts come some real gems:

    • Cliff Lee can read Lady Gaga's poker face.
    • You can save more than 15% on car insurance by switching to Cliff Lee.
    • Superman wears Cliff Lee pajamas.
    • Sharks have a week dedicated to Cliff Lee.
    • Cliff Lee pays $4 for a five dollar footlong.
    • Cliff Lee struck out Jack Bauer, Chuck Norris, AND The Most Interesting Man In The World... on 8 pitches!
    • Cliff Lee can read the catcher's signals with his eyes closed.
    • When Derek Jeter goes to bed, he checks for Cliff Lee under his bed.
    • Cliff Lee could touch Teixeira's leg and heal it... but he won't cuz Tex is a Yankee.

    and finally....

    Of course the list goes on and on.

    Surely Lee's starting performance tonight will spur the #cliffleefacts to a new level.