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Modano Needs to Stay Put

Stars star hints at playing elsewhere



    Modano Needs to Stay Put
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    Mike Modano might just play for a different team during the 2010-11 season. How weird would that be?

    Dear Mike,

    Don’t do it. Don’t leave the Dallas Stars just to play one more year and pad the stats, which is completely different from stacking the pads.

    In Tuesday’s Dallas Morning News article, you intimated a 75 percent desire to play one more year and, if that's not in the Stars’ and GM Joe Nieuwendyk’s plans, you’d take your puck and play for another team.

    I’m going to ask you the same question I’ve heard a thousand times: What is wrong with you? Are you crazy?

    Sure, most pro athletes are high-paid migrant workers. A few of you, though, transcend the commonplace and become fixtures, revered fixtures, with one team.

    You reached that pedestal years ago. Don’t knock yourself off.

    Think, man, think Emmitt Smith in a Cardinals uniform. Ugh, not pretty. Think Jeremy Roenick in any uniform. Heinous.

    If this is a posturing ploy to secure a front-office gig, then more power, man. But if this is a genuine desire to play elsewhere, you’re just going to taint … good God, 17 years?

    Retire like you played — yes, past tense — the game: gracefully.

    Don’t make that last game at American Airlines Center an emotional lie.



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