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Michael Young Scores

Rangers star reaches out to YouTube star



    Michael Young Scores
    Kim Justice

    by Bruce Felps

    A lot of kids dream of meeting their baseball heroes.

    Gavin Justice, a 3-year-old Weatherford boy, did just that — meet, not dream — after becoming something of a YouTube sensation.

    The youngster was videoed by his mom, Kim Justice, while he tried to “process” the possibility that Michael Young — little Gavin’s all-time favorite Rangers player, and you have to figure "all-time" because the boy’s 3 — just might play elsewhere during the coming season.

    Cute kid. He dropped his Rangers cap on the floor, hung his head, and you can almost hear him say in the video, “Say it ain’t so.” You have to feel something when his mom tells him that Young won't be Rangers' No. 10 anymore, and the kid tries to bargain, asking "He's going to be 5?"

    The video, as most videos now do, hit YouTube and garnered quite the following. Young caught wind of if and after his e-mail inbox "blew up" with messages, he decided to contact Gavin and his mom to arrange a meeting.

    Evan Grant at the Dallas Morning News had the story Monday, so that’s not really news anymore.

    The news is a multimillionaire professional athlete went way above and beyond to meet and comfort a little kid distraught at the thought of his favorite player leaving town.

    That’s class all too rarely demonstrated by today’s pros. Young probably gained a lot of new fans with that move.

    Probably none named Jon Daniels, though.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He just gained a new respect for baseball. Well, a small part of it, anyway.